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All-Round Wave The legendary Combat stands out as the sail of choice for any wave sailing conditions. No matter which spot, from side-offshore winds and perfect peeling waves to huge onshore white waters, the Combat will never disappoint. Designed for dynamic and aggressive sailors, the Combat delivers low end power when you need it, for as long as you want it. Light for jumping, stable for predictability, and strong for endurance the Combat is equipped to deal with whatever, whenever, and whoever.

Key Features

  • Versatile: Moderate and progressive luff curve for optimum maneuverability, speed and power in both onshore and side-shore conditions.
  • Fuse Pocket construction for a fully symmetrical batten cavity
  • Central Moderate Profile for optimum balance between upwind power and stability. Increased shaping in mid and forward body section for consistent drive.
  • Wide Wind Range: A large tuning range, thanks to a stable profile, allows the rider to trim the sail for all conditions.
  • Construction: Available in both clear and HD window.
  • 4 battens configuration on all sizes.

Construction Technology

NeilPryde sails are built tough, designed to withstand the most extreme riding conditions and the test of time. Extra muscle and twice the endurance are achieved with twin seams and ArmourWeb reinforced construction. This, together with our Forceline technology, provides the backbone of NeilPryde sail strength and unmatched durability. So go as hard as you like and then some.

Sail Shaping

Sail shaping balances the speed and power of a sail with control and handling. Shaping lower down in the sail will produce a little less power but increases manoeuverability. Shaping higher up in the sail creates more drive and low-end power.In the performance oriented sails this extra power is easy to control due to the profile stability supported by cams and tube-battens. In the manoeuvre and wave oriented sails, low shaping distribution provides uncompromised manoeuverability. NEILPRYDE COMBAT HD 2018NEILPRYDE COMBAT HD 2018



SizeLuffBoomBaseBattensCamsIdeal MastTop FinishingCodeCode(HD)
3.33431434/240340/370Vario TopBNP18CT00001033BNP18CTH0002033
3.735714918/240340/370Vario TopBNP18CT00001037BNP18CTH0002037
4.036915330/240340/370Vario TopBNP18CT00001040BNP18CTH0002040
4.2376157640370Fixed HeadBNP18CT00001042BNP18CTH0002042
4.53861601640370Fixed HeadBNP18CT00001045BNP18CTH0002045
4.73961642640370Fixed HeadBNP18CT00001047BNP18CTH0002047
5.04091681040400Fixed HeadBNP18CT00001050BNP18CTH0002050
5.34211722240400Fixed HeadBNP18CT00001053BNP18CTH0002053
5.643317634/440400/430Fixed HeadBNP18CT00001056BNP18CTH0002056

Información adicional

Medida Velas Windsurf

3.3, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.6



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